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Our focus at Aspire Family law is to assist separated families to resolve parenting and property matters as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

It is our belief that only through child focused legal advice can parties hope to receive a just and equitable outcome. 


Child focused



Section 60CA Family Law Act 1975 

” in deciding whether to make a particular parenting order in relation to a child a court must regard the best interests of the child as the paramount consideration” 



Aspire Family Law is an inclusive and welcoming Legal Practice, we will give you honest and direct legal advice and help you resolve your matters as fast and cost effectively as possible.

we listen we care

Each relationship has its own unique set of facts. Contact Aspire Family Law today for a free 30 minute consultation just for you.

Each relationship has its own unique set of facts. Contact Aspire Family Law today for a free 30 minute legal consultation just for you.





fixed price services

At Aspire Family Law you will always have direct communication with the solicitor who is managing your file.

We  know it’s not always possible to visit a solicitors office due to work and family commitments. That is why we provide a flexible video conferencing service for clients. 

We like to pass on savings to clients by keeping administrative costs down. At Aspire we understand family finances and offer a variety of payment options.





Direct and honest advice is centre to our practice


” My entire career has been focused on maximising the best outcome for children and parent’s who come in contact with the judicial system. I have appeared for clients in the Children’s Court, Federal Magistrates Court, District Court and conducted Supreme Court Appeals.  

I am a community centred solicitor, driven to achieve the best outcomes for clients. I was first admitted as a solicitor in 1999, and since that time I have continued to learn, and completed my Masters in Applied law specialising in Family Law in 2017. 

After my own divorce ten years ago, I know the journey is long and in time things improve. Taking the first step can be tough, but it is essential in moving forward. “

Jacqueline Stassen

Principal Aspire Family Law

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