Our principal  Jacqueline Stassen was first admitted as a solicitor in 1998 and has proven experience is in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law. Jacqueline’s entire career has been focused on the advocacy of children and ensuring the bests interests of the children involved. 

Specific advocacy experience includes appearing for clients in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court for directions and interim hearings, the Children’s Court for mentions, pleas, trials, the District Court, and successfully appearing as counsel for two Supreme Court appeals. 

Aspire’s core value is integrity. This means giving clients honest advice about realistic outcomes. This saves clients money, stress, and time. We work hard to maintain a reputation with the Court that Aspire client’s matters have compelling arguments based on evidence.

At Aspire you will always have direct communication with the solicitor who is managing your file. We know it is not always possible to visit a solicitor’s office due to work and family commitments, that is why we provide flexible video conferencing services for clients.  We only do fixed fee pricing and offer payment of fees by installments.

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