Our Principal Solicitor Jacqueline Stassen can assist you with the first steps of creating certainty around time with your children and the division of your property

This might be writing an initial letter to the other parent

If an agreement is not reached we can attend mediation with you  to achieve a formal agreement

Parents must make a genuine effort to resolve to reach an agreement at mediation 

If parties made a genuine effort but were reach an agreement they are then issues with a mediation certificate which remains current for 12 months 

In order to file a initiating application in court parties must have a current mediation certificate



Aspire Family Law is an inclusive and welcoming Legal Practice, we will give you honest and direct legal advice and help you resolve your matters as fast and cost effectively as possible. 

Our Principal Solicitor Jacqueline Stassen entire career has been focused on ensuring the best outcome for children by focusing on what is best for them. Jacqueline has appeared for clients in the Children’s Court, Federal Magistrates Court and Family Court, District Court and successfully conducted Supreme Court appeals.

At Aspire Family law you will always have direct communication with the solicitor who is managing your file. We know it’s not always possible to visit a solicitor’s office due to work and family commitments, that is why we provide flexible video conferencing services for clients. At Aspire we understand family finances and offer payments during the completion of stages in your matter. We also charge fixed fees for all our work. 

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