We can apply to the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court to time, or to limit the time from another parent who is a risk to the children, variations and enforcement of court orders, relocation and location orders. Aspire can also attend mediation with you, draft parenting plans and consent orders to resolve parenting disputes without resorting to litigation. We can appear for you in court or directions and in interim hearings.


We can advise you on a just and equitable division of property based on the parties contributions, the assets of the relationship and the parties future needs. Once the devision of property has been agreed by the parties consent orders can be drafted an filed in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court,

Consent Orders

Drafting applying for consent orders in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court for property and parenting matters. If litigation has commenced parties can settlements by providing agreed consent orders to the court.

domestic violence

Apply or respond to domestic violence applications.


Joint or Separation applications.

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