Fixed Fee Pricing


To start your fixed fee family law package we require an initial sum to be placed into our trust account, with the balance to be paid by installments on a monthly basis.  We are committed to providing clients with affordable, value-for-money legal services. Family law package are created for each individual client’s financial circumstance. 


No.  Your fee’s can be calculated on an hourly rate or a customised fixed fee amount depending on your needs. Many firms work on fixed fee amounts as it give the best value for clients.

As part of your intake as an Aspire Family Law client you will receive a Client Service Agreement ‘CSA’. The agreement gives you a detailed break down of what is the  cost for each piece of work completed and what will happen if unexpected costs occur.  A ‘CSA’ also give you important information about your rights and what can be done if you are not satisfied with work provided.

If you are having difficulty paying up front fee’s we will work with you to create an affordable payment plan. If you need to wait until you receive your property settlement, or a partial settlement we can come to a special arrangement with you. 

We also put into the CSA what will happen when unexpected costs occur, such as if an urgent application  needs to be made. These unexpected costs are not included in the original fixed price. We will provide you with a new quote for the work to be completed and discuss with you new payment options.

Yes we would encourage you to pay for fee’s upfront and we will adjust your fixed fee quote in appreciation.

Aspire Family Law is community centred. Enquire about our pro bono program today.

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