parenting plans

consent Orders 

amendment of court Orders 

Negotiate time, education and holidays and time with significant people like grandparents

initiating Applications and response.

relocation of children 

contravention of court orders 

airport watch 

urgent applications

brief barristers for trial

Prepare and File Divorce Applications

Serve  documents on other party

joint divorce application

Advice on time limitations 

Advice Specific to defacto relatiohips

Drafting Consent Orders

Negotiation of property division


Initiating applications an d Financial Statements

Financial Agreements 

Brief barristers for trial and trial preparation

We can help you get the non legal assistance you need to sort out financial matters and otherwise help you get back on track.

Aspire Family Law is a community and children centred legal practice we take on a limited amount of pro bono clients based on merit and financial hardship. 

We offer a mentoring program for university students who are aspire to be community centred solicitors. 

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