Do you know someone who is finding navigating their family Law matter difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is difficult to know how to maintain access arrangements between parents for children during lock down.

Parents are anxious about handing over children to the other parent because they feel a sense of loss of control over any possible exposure to COVID-19, perhaps sending children to a heightened stressful environment, or fear that home schooling won’t be taken seriously.

The Chief Justice of the Family Court Will Alstergren QC has publicaly stated that parents must follow the spirit of their court orders and not unreasonable withhold children from the other parent.

If you genuinely believe that it has become unsafe to send children and you intend to withold children, then it is vitally important that an application be made to the court urgently explaining any change in circumstances.The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court is still open and conducting hearings over the internet.

If you withold children  without an explaination that is acceptable under the Family Law Act, you maybe held in contravention and may face serious consequences.

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